Home Exercise Programs for Right Arm, Stroke Recovery Story


Home exercise programs are crucial for stroke recovery but can be discouraging when not seeing immediate results. Annie was in her late 20’s when she suffered a stroke and faced an uphill battle to regain usage of her right arm.

Q & A with Stroke Survivor Annie

Where did you engage in rehab and how long did it take?
I attended an inpatient rehab for about 6 months and then transitioned right to being an outpatient. I was in therapy in Brazil and then I moved to Korea where I also received therapy. However, when I moved to the US, I did not have insurance, so I stopped going to therapy for about 15 years. I recently started working again and now have health insurance, so I was able to resume my outpatient therapy.

Why did you decide to look for additional tools for at-home rehab? Were there other devices that you purchased or considered?
I looked for additional tools because I was overwhelmed by the at-home therapy programs and found it hard to stay self-motivated. I wanted to find something else that would motivate and encourage me to do stroke physical therapy more consistently. I am a competitive person and I really liked the idea of turning therapy into games which are both engaging and challenging.

Where did you go to find out about the different rehab solutions?
I found a lot of resources online but I also asked my doctors and peers in stroke support groups.

When and how did you first find out about the Neofect Smart Glove?
Someone in my support group mentioned the Saebo glove to me so I looked it up but realized that it wasn't a good fit for me. However, it opened my eyes to these types of outpatient stroke rehabilitation products. I then stumbled upon the Smart Glove and thought it sounded like a much more interesting and fun alternative.

Why did you choose Neofect Smart Glove over the alternatives?
I was really drawn to the gamified approach to at-home therapy. I also really liked Neofect’s mission statement “We inspire hope.” My goal is to be a life coach so the mission statement really resonated with me.


How easy do you feel that it was to obtain the product? What, if anything, was confusing about the process?
I thought the purchasing process was very straightforward and I really liked the free trial. The Neofect team, specifically the Sales Manager, Patrick, did a great job of explaining everything. I found the in-person demo really helpful and also enjoyed the onboarding session.

How long have you been using the Smart Glove? What functional changes have you noticed since you started using the Neofect Smart Glove?
I used the Neofect Smart Glove daily for some time and started feeling my hand movements getting more fluid. I no longer had to put as much effort into mundane tasks such as washing the dishes. However, I have been very busy with work and have not been able to use the Smart Glove much and I feel as if I am regressing.

What advice would you give to someone that’s thinking about coming on board with the Neofect Smart rehab system?
If the person is someone who likes to try new things and is looking for a new way to treat themselves then it would be a good fit.

Has this device or approach to therapy influenced anyone else in your life? Have you used the Neofect Smart Glove with a therapist?
Yes, I have been sharing it with others, such as the director of my outpatient center as well as some of my peers in my therapy program.


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