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Smart Pegboard

Dexterity training gets smarter as
a multi-sensory experience

Digital pegboard for functional and cognitive rehabilitation

Neofect Smart Pegboard provides visual and auditory feedback to motivate users through gamified training.

Neofect Smart Pegboard

Proven Effectiveness in Clinical Trials

- 4-week training program : 30 minutes per session, 5 days per week, over 4 weeks

- Single-group pre-post design

- 19 patients with hemiplegic stroke (11 outpatients and 8 inpatients)

- Fugl-Meyer score & Jebsen-Taylor test, Box and Block test

- The usability test showed high satisfaction with 4.9 out of 5 points

Jebsen Taylor hand function test
Jebsen-Taylor hand function test
Fugl Meyer assessment
Fugl-Meyer assessment
Box and Block test
Box and Block test
Shin et al.Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation. 2022
  • Neofect Smart Pegboard UI Screen

    Digital Training Program

    Provides results-oriented digital rehabilitation games with parameter adjustability promoting "just the right challenge" for users.

  • Speakers on the Neofect Smart pegboard to help with auditory feedback

    Visual Feedback

    High-intensity LED lights provide visual cues indicating peg placement.

  • LEDs on the Neofect Smart Pegboard to help with visual feedback

    Auditory Feedback

    Voice and sound effects prompt the user through training.

Purposeful functional and cognitive training activities:

  • Shape Completion
    Shape Completion
    Place the pegs to complete the shape.
  • Smash a Mole
    Smash a Mole
    Hit the colored lights before they go away
  • Memory Placement
    Memory Placement
    Memorize the lit locations and place the pegs in the correct holes.
  • Pathfinder
    Connect all three lights to make a path

Vary the challenge of your training with interchangeable boards and pegs.

  • Standard Board
  • Mixed Shape Board
  • Pinch Board
Standard Board
Shape : Circular , Peg : 2.3 x 12 (cm)
Standard Board

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Clinical Partners

NYU Langone medical center
Stanford health Care
VA Long Beach Healthcare System
NYU Langone medical center
Stanford health Care

Recognition and Awards

Registered by halogen free
Registered by CE
2018 CES Innovation Awards
Blackwood design awards Best Aids and Equipment
Registered by halogen free
Registered by CE

Customers Say

  • I really believe in this product. I don’t talk to people much but the games keep my mind working, It is great with the hand, but in a cognitive level, I have come a long way and can make full sentences now.

    Carol S.

    Carol S.

  • My daughter loves the Smart Pegboard and uses it everyday for her fine motor rehabilitation. I've definitely seen some progress in her abilities. She loves using it and I can't imagine not having it as a tool for her continued rehab.",

    Michelle R.

    Michelle R.