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Smart Balance

A Foot Ahead in Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Therapists and Patients Looking at Smart Balance

    Why Smart Balance?

    It encourages regular balance practice for people after stroke.

Importance of Balance

Many patients experience balance deficits after a stroke, which decrease their independence and safety during daily living tasks.

Neofect Smart Balance emphasizes core strength and lower body stability, allowing users to practice balance and posture during real-world training scenarios.

Importance of Balance

From Sitting to Walking

Adaptable training incorporates sitting, standing, and stepping activities.

Ergonomic and Portable

Sturdy and spacious system design accommodates training with a wheelchair or assistive device.

Product Preview


Personalized content with familiar materials for optimal training

Audiovisual Feedback

Real-time feedback (visual, auditory) enables users to train in the right direction and to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Example of using Smart Balance


  • Romberg Test
  • LOS
  • Pressure
  • Gait
Romberg Test
Measures change in the pressure center with both eyes open and closed.
Romberg Test

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Recognition and Awards

Registered by CE
2020 CES Innovation Awards
Registered by FDA
Registered by CE
2020 CES Innovation Awards
Registered by FDA