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Neofect has motivated me and changed my life.

Christopher Dwyer - Chicago, IL

Effect through Neofect

Neofect Smart Glove showed statistically significant improvements in WMFT, which is three times greater than that of conventional physical therapy alone.

* WMFT improvement rate for 3 weeks

Feasibility of using the RAPAEL Smart Glove in upper limb physical therapy for patients after stroke: A randomized controlled trial, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2017, Hee-Tae Jung et al.

Conventional Physical Therapy: 4%


Smart Glove: 11.1%

Neofect Customers say:

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    Bernadette G.

    5 month ago

    It’s fun, exciting, and I see improvements in my daily life. For the first time today, I actually tied a shoestring. This has been with just six weeks use of the Smart Glove.
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    Michael E.

    7 month ago

    They put this little glove on my hand and it was so much fun. At times it was hard, but you work against yourself. For me, it opened up a world of things that I could do with my hand and get more mobility because it motivates you to do more.