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Our clinically proven neurorehabilitation devices maximize arm and hand use through fun and functional gameplay. Make Neofect your rehabilitation partner today.

Neofect Product Lineup

Neofect offers a variety of rehabilitation solutions

  • Neofect Smart Glove
    Smart Glove

    Repetitive movement training in a virtual environment

  • Neofect Smart Board
    Smart Board

    Unweighted proximal muscle strengthening

  • Neofect Smart Pegboard
    Smart Pegboard

    Interactive device challenging dexterity, vision, and cognition

  • Neofect Cognition

    Computerized Cognitive Rehabilitation Program

Clinical Partners

NYU Langone medical center
Stanford health Care
VA Long Beach Healthcare System
Vanderbilt health
Brooks Rehabilitation

Proven outcomes through clinical trials by Stanford Medical Center

Parikh, A., C. Legault, K. Flavin and M. Lansberg. “Neofect Glove: Virtual Reality Device for Home Therapy in Stroke Survivors (P5.007).” Neurology 90 (2018): n. pag.

“All patients agreed that they liked the glove and most of them were strongly satisfied with their overall experience. ...patients can use the Neofect device for home therapy with high satisfaction and, in most cases, satisfactory compliance.”

'For Clinic' Rehab Process

  • Evaluation
  • Training Session Creation
  • Gamified Training
  • Results Tracking and Reporting
Our Clinic products measure range of motion (ROM) from the shoulder to the fingers, using evaluation data to create a unique training plan for each patient.
Evaluation Screen


Use our guide to understand concepts related to CPT and HCPCS coding for healthcare providers and suppliers of medical equipment and orthotics.

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Customers Say

Hear what customers say about Neofect's rehabilitation services.

  • Prior to the Smart Board, I had almost forgotten my affected arm. But now, I find myself using my affected arm almost automatically. Before I was pretty discouraged, but now I actually feel that one day my arm might work again.

    Kay K.

    Kay K.

  • I'm very excited because the Smart Glove is making a difference. Each day, I see the little things he could do that he couldn't do before.

    Laurel J.

    Laurel J.

  • My daughter loves the Smart Pegboard and uses it everyday for her fine motor rehabilitation. I've definitely seen some progress in her abilities. She loves using it and I can't imagine not having it as a tool for her continued rehab.",

    Michelle R.

    Michelle R.

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Neofect TeleRehab

Neofect Smart Rehab Solutions

TeleRehab is our HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform designed for remote rehabilitation

Neofect Online Shop

Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises at Home

Start your 14-Day Trial! Get your Neofect home rehabilitation silution at the online shop

Effect through Neofect

Neofect Smart Glove showed statistically significant improvements in WMFT, which is three times greater than that of conventional physical therapy alone.

* WMFT improvement rate for 3 weeks

Feasibility of using the RAPAEL Smart Glove in upper limb physical therapy for patients after stroke: A randomized controlled trial, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2017, Hee-Tae Jung et al.

Conventional Physical Therapy: 4%


Smart Glove: 11.1%


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  • TC
    Neofect's powered glove for people with paralysis is shipping this summer

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