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    Neofect US FAQ

  • Are your products covered by insurance?
    We currently do not support insurance reimbursement.
  • Are the Smart Glove and Smart Board robotic?
    No, the Smart Glove and Smart Board are not robotic and do not move your arm or hand for you. These devices require you to have some active movement in order to use them successfully. These products are able to quantify even small movements of the upper extremity to better promote repetition, optimal for brain retraining to improve motor function. To test whether you are a candidate for the Smart Glove, attempt to move your wrist up and down, open and close your hand, turn your palm up and down, and bring your wrist side to side. If you can visibly produce any of these movements, you are likely a good candidate for the Smart Glove. If you are less able to do these movements, look into whether the Smart Board is a better fit. To test whether you are a good candidate for the Smart Board, take a towel and place it on the surface of a table. With your affected arm, try to push the towel forward and backward and side to side. If you can glide the towel across the table surface, the Smart Board would likely be a good fit for your continued rehab. If you are unsure about which product is the right fit, contact us and we will set up a consult with one of our in-house occupational therapists to better guide your decision-making process.
  • How often should I use the device?
    We recommend utilizing our devices for a minimum of 5 times per week for about 30 minutes a day to promote meaningful changes in arm function. This frequency of engagement is validated in our research related to both the Smart Glove and the Smart Board.
  • What kinds of other therapies can be used with the Smart Glove?
    The Smart Glove can be combined with functional electrical stimulation (FES), certain orthoses, and real-world objects to improve context of gameplay. Give us a call if you are considering incorporating any of these techniques into your Smart Glove use and would like additional guidance.
  • Does my device come with any additional services?
    Upon receiving your device, you are eligible for two online video product coaching sessions with one of our in-house occupational therapists to ensure your comfort and capability. Our customer service and IT teams will also be available to support you with any questions or concerns throughout ownership of your product.