NEOFECT inspires hope for improved quality of life


We inspire hope for improved quality of life,
providing opportunities for rehabilitation through technological innovation.


Core Values

The Right Things Done the Right Way

Integrity, Honesty, Truth

NEOFECT strives to provide products and services that are grounded in research for optimal outcomes. We understand the importance of finding solutions that are backed by science. We value truth and advocate for higher standards.



Disruptive Innovation for Good

Change, Equality, Hope

At NEOFECT, we create a fun environment for rehabilitation. We strive to be affordable and provide opportunities for everyone to use our products regardless of their financial condition or geographical location. Our products boost confidence and inspires hope in our patients.

Striving for Excellence

Expertise, Passion, Motivation

At NEOFECT, we are passionate about making innovative products. As we take on new challenges, we are never satisfied with the status quo and are always striving for something better.



A Team of Diverse People

Understanding, Respect, Collaboration

NEOFECT is made up of people with a wide variety of knowledge, experience, and culture to make products that are non-existent in the world. We are a cohesive team that understands and respects one another’s differences.


hisotry_year_icon 2010

- Apr Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Selected as New Growth Power R&D

- Jun Incorporation

hisotry_year_icon 2011

- Jun Ministry of Knowledge Economy,
Selected as Excellent
Project TOP 4

hisotry_year_icon 2012

- Nov Investment from POSCO Venture Partners

hisotry_year_icon 2013

- May Selected as NIPA SW Proven and Proliferated Project
(cooperative task with National Rehabilitation Center)

- Jun Selected as KEIT Design Development Innovation Project
(cooperative task with National Rehabilitation Center)

- Nov Awarded Minister Prize
from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
Clinical research coopeartion with National Rehabilitation center in Korea

hisotry_year_icon 2014

- FebMinistry of Food and Drug Safety,
Manufacturing license for Medical Device
‘Neofect Smart Glove’

- Apr Investment from Company K Partners,
and DSC Investment

- Jul Awarded Grand Prize
from the 9th Digital Innovation Awards

- Aug Gyeongin Regional Food and Drug Administration,
GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) license for medical Devices

- Nov Korea Good Design Award 'Neofect Smart Glove'

- Dec Awarded Minister Prize from Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning for SW R&D'Neofect Smart Glove' FDA Listed for US market

hisotry_year_icon 2015

- Feb APTA Annual Conference & Expo

- Mar Abu Dhabi Neuro Rehabilitation ConferenceNeurological Rehabilitation Expo

- Apr AOTA Annual Conference & Expo in the USAchieved Series B investmentNEOFECT USA incorporated in San Francisco, CA

- Oct Start-up Conference & Competition ‘beGLOBAL San Francisco 2015’ Runway Incubator AwardISO 13485 CertificationCE Mark clearedEurope office established

- Nov Selected as K-ICT Start-up 300

hisotry_year_icon 2016

- Feb National Rehabilitation Center in Korea published clinical test of Neofect in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and RehabilitationAPTA 2016, AHA International Stroke Conference 2016

- Mar Selected as one of a Showroom Finalists of Pioneer Asia 250

- Apr AOTA 2016

- Oct Launched Neofect Smart Kids

- Nov Established Europe Office in Munich, GermanyReceived CES 2017 Innovation AwardReceived Thematic Award of ITU Telecom World

hisotry_year_icon 2017

- Jan Participated in CES 2017, Neofect Smart GloveCNN, 14 coolest tech products from CES 2017ZDnet, The best smart home, IoT products of CES 2017CNET, All the cool new gadgets at CES 2017

- May Neofect Smart Board Launched

- Jun Neofect Smart Glove, AARP Innovation Champion Awards,
Caregiver Quality of Life category

- Aug Neofect Smart Pegboard Launched

- Oct Neofect Smart Glove received Popular Science's Best for What's New AwardNeofect ComCog Launched

- Nov Neofect Smart Pegboard received CES 2018 Innovation Award


- Jan NeoMano, Engadget's Best of CES2018 Finalist

- Feb Awarded Minister Prize from Ministry of Health and Welfare

- Apr Launched Neofect Smart ComCog in US
Stanford Medical Center in US published clinical test of Neofect Smart Glove in the Journal of American Academy of Neurology

- May Neofect Smart Glove,
Neofect Smart Pegboard, The Blackwood Design Awards 2017/18 Finalist

- Jun Neofect Smart Glove received
2018 Medtech breaktrough Award
2018 SF Design Award
Frost & Sullivan Award

- Nov IPO

- Dec Awarded 3 Million USD Export Tower

2018Current Year





Medical device
manufacturing license
from MFDS


ICT and Future
Planning, Minister of
Science award


1st Place award for
the Digital Innovation


Good Design award
from Korea Institute
of Design Promotion


with CES 2017
Innovation Award


2017 AARP
Innovation Champion


2017 Popular Science
“Best of What’s New”


with CES 2018
Innovation Award

Registration & Certificate



ISO 13485


GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

Neofect Smart Glove


CE mark