New Approach in Rehabilitation for Stroke Victims at Home, Smart Pegboard
Apr 4, 2019
Neofect’s Smart Pegboard is New Approach in Rehabilitation for Stroke Victims at Home

The Neofect Smart Pegboard offers a new approach to rehabilitation for stroke victims at home – games. The Smart Pegboard has three interchangeable boards; standard board, mixed shape board, and pinch board along with the corresponding pegs that are appropriate for hand training games for patients aged between 3 and 100.

Patients start by choosing a board that best fits their needs. Users are prompted through a number of different hand training games that vary from easy to complex games and movements that work on increasing speed and motor skills challenges.

The Smart Pegboard also allows you to various options for setup, results, language, volume and whether you are working your right or left hand.

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Lecturer: The Neofect Smart Pegboard uses a gamified approach to hand training. Through lights and sound, patients are prompted to participate in a variety of hand training games, from very simple to complex activities, working on increasing speed and including visual motor challenges.

The Smart Pegboard and related activities are appropriate for patients from ages 3 to 103.

The Smart Pegboard system is made up of three interchangeable boards, including the standard board, mixed shape board, and pinch board along with the corresponding pegs.

To get started, choose the board you'd like to use, depending on the needs of the patient. You can reference the activities and components of each training in the Smart Pegboard quick start guide that you'll receive with your board.

Let's start by using the standard board. The board can be set for right- or left-handed use based on need. Plug in the pegboard to get started. Make sure that you have a way to capture patient data, because once unplugged, patient outcome information will no longer be available.

You can choose from additional setup options including creating a patient's session, reviewing results, choosing the patient language, and adjusting volume to customize your training.

Now that you're all set up, you're ready to start training with the Neofect Smart Pegboard.



  • June Lee
    Clinical Manager / Physical Therapist

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