3 Ways to Use Games for Healthcare
Jun 11, 2018
Using Games for Healthcare: A Focus on Stroke Rehab


Gamification means to offer enjoyment and increase voluntary participation by including factors such as amusement, reward, and competition into fields that are not related to games. Gamification is currently being applied in the healthcare area, assisting patients to remain healthy.

Ways to Use Games for Healthcare

Neofect, adding fun and joy to rehabilitation through games.

The after effects of stroke can include difficulties in basic movement and expression. Walking, talking, wearing clothes, opening a door, watering pots, and going out to the market all become difficult tasks. Rehabilitation training is an indispensable process that ultimately enhances the quality of life by allowing patients to perform their daily activities independently and walk.

However, analog rehabilitation equipment prevail in modern days, and patients may feel boredom with the iterative process, causing the loss of interest to rehabilitate.


Neofect has introduced gamification into rehabilitation training in order to solve the following problems. Rehabilitation training has transformed into a game adding fun to the training itself. The patients can conduct rehabilitation by enjoying multiple games with the Neofect Smart Rehabilitation Solution. For example, the game contents of Neofect Smart Glove are designed to help rehabilitate each part of the body, such as one’s hands, fingers, and forearm by performing actions of squeezing juice, pouring wine, and turning pages.

Additionally, patients can also purchase the Neofect Rehabilitation Solution and rehabilitate while playing games every day at home. The software's Smart Learning Algorithm analyzes the patient’s data and offers training schedules tailored to the patient's ability, Neofect's algorithm identifies the patient's ability, suggests personalized training, and adjusts game difficulty accordingly. After the training game is over, recommendations are provided to try out for other training games suited to the individual's tendency and taste. The one session of training is consisted of 30 minutes, just like the rehabilitation environment in a hospital.

Hoyoung Ban, CEO of Neofect says "Neofect Rehabilitation games are developed clinically with professional therapists." He added "By playing games, patient’s neuroplasticity can be increased because hearing and seeing occurs at the same time. This helps to restore movements by re-establishing the connection of brain cells."


Neofect Smart Glove won the CES 2017 Innovation Award, AARP 2017 Innovation Champion Award, Popular science 2017 'Best of what's new award'.

Call us at (888) 623-8984 or email us at info@neofect.com to rehab smarter with Neofect today.


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