Stroke Rehab Products - 6 Gadgets for Stroke Survivors
Sep 17, 2018
Stroke Rehab Products - 6 Gadgets for Stroke Survivors

Stroke Rehab Products - Gadgets for Stroke Survivors

You may be contemplating whether or not you should buy any stroke rehab products for your recovery at home. In making that decision it is important to note that in order to increase your muscle control and range of motion as fast as possible, it is very important to train your brain by performing repetitive motions. The more you exercise and activate neuroplasticity the faster you will see positive results. Therefore, choosing proper rehap products is very important for your stroke recovery.

Before purchasing any stroke rehab gadgets you should take all of the following factors into consideration:

  1. Affordability: You may have already spent a lot of money on medical care after your stroke, therefore affordable stroke rehab products you can use at home can help decrease your therapy cost.
  2. Motivating: In order to get optimal results the equipment should be motivating to help you stick with the program and allow for follow through.
  3. Therapeutic feedback: Enables you to communicate with professional therapists regularly to make sure you are improving while utilizing the correct position and form.

Here are some of the best stroke rehab products for stroke survivors from Neofect, a smart rehabilitation solution company.

1. Neofect Extender
hand&wrist stroke rehab product-Neofect Extender

Neofect Extender is a hand and wrist rehab product for stroke survivors. The glove helps minimize spasticity and maintains the appropriate stretch for functional hand movement. With specially designed finger straps, users can grip and grasp items needed to complete their daily tasks. Simply wearing this washable glove while one sleeps or during a nap will help keep their fingers straight. An Amazon customer states, “This glove really helps relieve the stiffness in my fingers. I had a stroke 2 years ago so being able to move my fingers to grip things again is huge progress for me.”

2. Neofect Smart Glove
high-tech stroke rehab product - Neofect Smart Glove
Neofect Smart Glove is a high-tech stroke rehab product for your hand that follows your hand motions, measuring the slightest movements in your hand with accelerometer and bending sensors while performing gamified exercises. It is a motivating way to perform progressive hand exercises at home without using hand putty. The Smart Glove allows for a more comprehensive and entertaining way to perform exercises that you will actually look forward to doing. Neofect Smart Glove ensures that you do your exercises correctly and gives you instant feedback to evaluate your performance with only minimal movement needed for success. A user, Jess Mcnair from San Francisco CA says, “The smart glove has been an innovative, exciting and accessible way to continue therapy at home. There have been noticeable improvements in my right hand’s movement.” Visit here to learn more about Neofect Smart Glove.

3. Neofect Smart Board
Neofect Smart Board is a medical device that is accessible to any patient experiencing limitations in their shoulder or elbow joints after a stroke. The Smart Board can help improve ones functional reach and range of motion while using gamified activities such as tennis, ping pong and finding diamonds in the sand, etc. Visit here to learn more about Neofect shoulder & elbow joint rehab product.

4. Pegboard
The Neofect Smart Pegboard allows for a fun way to strengthen fine motor skills by providing activities, which requires the use of overall grasp and in hand manipulation. Based on the client's needs, the activities can be made more or less difficult. The Neofect Smart Pegboard takes your traditional pegboard and brings it into the 21st century, adding a digital training program that lights up the board and interacts with you as you do your exercises. The Neofect Smart Pegboard offers a wide range of fun and interactive games and challenges that makes users think about where to place the pegs on the board, working on skills like planning, organization and reaction time. The Neofect Smart Pegboard offers a variety of exciting games that increases overall visual motor skills, memory, decision making, information processing, hand coordination, and perceptual skills.

5. Cognition
Neofect Cognition is a brain re-training software that focuses on attention and cognition. Cognitive training is essential for successful community living and independence in everyday life. This software has been shown to improve working memory for users with Alzheimer’s. Cognition has also helped patients with brain injuries increase their attention span. Cognition uses computer assisted cognitive rehab along with Neofect’s learning algorithm to guide a user through cognitive training based on their skill level. Cognitive skills refer to the intellectual activities that encompass memory, reasoning, attention and language. Damage to cognitive function can cause difficulties in ones’ daily life. Promoting brain neuroplasticity is a key element to the cognitive rehabilitation process after a brain injury. Neuroplasticity is a concept that states that the brain will essentially rewire itself to compensate for the area of injury or damage. Cognitive rehabilitation focuses on the importance of retraining the brain.

6. Drop Foot Brace
ankle and drop foot brace
Neofect Drop Foot Brace is an ankle and foot brace for people who have neurological disorders or nerve injuries. The brace maintains foot dorsiflexion and prevents the foot from inverting while ambulating. With its ergonomic design, the brace helps individuals to walk more naturally while assisting with lifting the toes and keeping the ankle in alignment. The Drop Foot Brace is designed to support the ankle while keeping the foot dorsiflexed.

Different sized straps are available to increase ankle stability. 3 high tension straps and 1 low tension strap provides appropriate support to improve ones gait. A 2mm foot pad provides support in order to keep the toes from clawing during ambulation. Neofect’s Drop Foot brace is made from a fabric material that accommodates for socks and shoes. Many people who experience foot drop may also experience numbness due to nerve damage. The Neofect Drop Foot’s open heel design allows for increased sensation and motion during gait and activities of daily living.

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Has a stroke left you or your loved one struggling to regain full functionality in your arm or hand? Introducing the Neofect Smart Rehab, a biofeedback training device.

Repetition is the key to increase mobility. Neofect Smart Rehab encourages repetition in a fun, engaging way through interactive gamified training games, challenging you to improve arm and hand function through neuroplasticity which is the brain's ability to retrain itself after an injury. Through repetition, you can strengthen other pathways in the brain to improve the use of your affected side.

Call us (888) 623-8984 or email us at to start your smart rehab with the Neofect today.


  • June Lee
    Clinical Manager / Physical Therapist

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