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Stroke Exercises
Stroke exercises: Using Mirror therapy and mirror neurons
mirror therapy stroke
Stroke Exercises: Using Mirror Therapy and Mirror Neurons
Mirror therapy is an easy and low-tech therapy technique. It’s essentially a therapy that tricks your brain into thinking that the weakened hand or arm is moving.
Exercises for each stage of Stroke recovery
Stroke Exercises
Stroke Exercises for Each Stage of Stroke Recovery
With the abundance of stroke-related research, it’s important to remember that every stroke, just like every person, is different! Here are some examples.
Exercise after Stroke: for Brain Function and Mental Healthiness
Stroke Exercises
Exercise After Stroke For Brain Function and Mental Healthiness
Why You Should Exercise After a Stroke: A research concluded that 45 minutes to an hour of moderate-to-vigorous exercise was good for the brain.
The most helpful 6 gadgets for Stroke survivors
Gadgets for Stroke
The most helpful 6 gadgets for stroke survivors
Discover 6 effective and affordable stroke rehab products. The more you exercise and activate neuroplasticity, the faster you will see positive results. Learn about these 6 stroke recovery gadgets you should consider today.