The Road to Stroke Recovery, Michael Eustace
Apr 23, 2018
The Road to Stroke Recovery, Michael Eustace

The Road to Stroke Recovery of a Vietnam Veteran

“At this point I'm actually able to straighten up my fingers, and be able to close my fits. I could make my fingers dance, I could also take my wrist and flexed from a down motion to almost put my thumb to the air to make a thumb up motion, I could now shake hands with confidence, and pick up things using my right hand which I thought I would never will.

I feel like Neofect was a God sent to me, because no matter how much therapy I did, I could not get my hand to response to my commands. Neofect put me over the top and gave me hope that my hand eventually will go back to normal.”

*A Review of Michael Eustace


My name is Michael Eustace I am a Vietnam Veteran. Was in there from ’72 through ’75, and I was there with the pullout last days of Vietnam.

On December 6, 2015 Michael suffered the first of three strokes.

I went to move and I couldn’t. I moved forward and slid right onto the floor. Started to get a little bit better and then I had another stroke. And then had problems with the heart and wound up having 3 strokes and 1 heart attack. I couldn’t move my arm, I couldn’t move my hand, I couldn’t do anything.

At that point I started to try to get better. They kept saying, “What is your goal?” I said my goal is to get up and walk again. My goal is to get up and use my hand.


Michael visited the Long Beach VA Hospital near his home in California.

They told us they had this new product to try out. And they said it was the Neofect. They put this little glove on my hand. The Neofect solution provides home exercises program for stroke patients. And it was so much fun.


At times it was hard, but you work against yourself. For me it was like it opened up a world of things that I could do with my hand, and get more mobility, because it motivates you to do more. You don’t appreciate things that you do before that you can’t do now. If it wasn’t for Neofect, I’d probably never bend my hand the way it is now.

Michael uses the Neofect Home daily. He was eventually reimbursed by the VA.

The VA wants to help us. They reimbursed us for the use of the Smart Glove. "I really didn’t expect them to do something like that, but they did it anyway."

*A Review of Anna (Michael’s wife)

So from Michael being contracted in the hand in a lot of pain. The hand was like double or triple size. We got the glove, the Neofect at home. He does (hand rehabilitation) therapy twice a day, everyday.
In a week his hand (swelling) was down. Couple weeks he almost has no inflammation.

Now, from doing nothing, he’s doing laundry. He’s folding his laundry. He’s making his bed, He’s able to make his breakfast. And he’s able to feel like he is somebody at home.
"We’re back to normal, we’re happy, and he’s doing better."

To learn more about Neofect, visit the company’s website or call to our office((888) 623-8984).

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