NeoMano: A Grasp Assist Device Gets Ready to Make a Debut!
Oct 8, 2018
NeoMano: A Grasp Assist Device Gets Ready to Make a Debut!

A Grasp Assist Device Gets Ready to Make a Debut!

The hand is involved for so much of our daily, routine and meaningful activities that it’s difficult to imagine how to manage without the functional use of a hand. For individuals that have lost hand function due to an illness or injury, those functions that some of us take for granted, including grasping an object to pick it up or keeping a hand securely on an object for self care or leisure, can become very frustrating.

werable robotic hand Neomano

Neofect, the creators of other rehabilitation tools such as the Smart Glove, Smart Board and Smart Pegboard, have created a tool to assist! The NeoMano is a soft, wearable robotic glove that allows for grasp of everyday objects using the thumb post and the pointer and middle fingers with use of titanium wires and a small motor and battery pack. The controller that allows for closure and release of the fingers is wireless, which is a new feature based on user feedback and function. The controller can be placed on the table, on a band attached to the arm, belt or wheelchair or on a belt clip for user accessibility.

We recently did a video shoot to get ready to launch our Kickstarter campaign, which starts on October 30th. See some of our behind the scenes pictures and user profiles to get an idea of how the NeoMano might work for you or someone you know that has challenges with hand function.

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A Grasp Assist Device : NeoMano

Mark, one of our test users, has ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) which impairs the use of his left hand and arm. He and his occupational therapist, Kenny, use the NeoMano device to assist Mark in grasping a water bottle prior to his exercise routine. Mark also uses the NeoMano for maintaining grasp on his elliptical machine, walking the dog, holding and stabilizing objects. Mark is excited to be able to use the NeoMano regularly to allow him to continue to participate in his active lifestyle with as much independence as possible.

werable robototic glove for SCI patients

assist device for patients who lost hand function

Rachel has also been involved in the prototype testing of our NeoMano device. Rachel has a C4 ASIA A spinal cord injury and continues to work to improve her upper body function. She is an accomplished photographer and uses the NeoMano to hold her iphone in order to take pictures as well as other everyday tasks like writing and eating. Rachel is able to access the switch for the NeoMano from the table or the armrest of her wheelchair to control the grasp and release.

NeoMano indiegogo begins on October 30th, 2018. Please subscribe NeoMano newsletter on

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