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The Wearable, soft, robotic glove

Robotic Grasp Assist

Neomano is a wearable, soft robotic hand created by Neofect that enables and empowers people with hand paralysis to perform daily activities. It fits over the thumb, index, and middle finger while leaving the other fingers and part of the hand uncovered.

neomano grip


neomano grip

Full & Half grip

customizable grip shape with fixable splice
neomano grip

Powerful Force

Support up to 20N of grip power with Anti-slip material

neomano grip

Easy to use

Easy control with bluetooth remote control

neomano grip

Replaceable glove

Easily replaced when broken or contaminated

Who can use Neomano

The Neomano is helpful for people with movement in their wrist and arm but little to no strength in their hands.

Neomano helps boost confidence by providing more independence.

Perform Daily Task


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Without Neomano


With Neomano


Comfortable Design

Neomano is made from flexible material that comfortably fits over the thumb, index and middle finger.

Neomano Comfortable Design

Supplementary Information

Neomano Comfortable Design


Neomano Comfortable Design

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In the Press


Recognition and Awards

Reddot 2019 Awards
2020 CES Innovation Awards
Registered by CE
Reddot 2019 Awards
2020 CES Innovation Awards
Registered by CE

"This (Neomano) will help him and enable him to hold onto things and let go without him using that voluntary contraction that has become weak. That's really an aid to his disability."

- Kenneth Noto, OTR/L

Customers Say:

  • Hand auxiliary is uncomfortable because it helps a whole hand move... but Neomano helps only fingers move

    SCI Tester, G

  • Where i exercise with dumbbell, i was scared dropping a dumbbell. With Neomano, I don't need to be worried anymore.

    SCI Tester, E

  • Neomano has tight fixing. My writing font was unclear because i don't have enough power to fix my hand

    SCI Tester, J