Home Care Solution for Stroke and Hemiplegic Patients
Apr 13, 2018
Neofect: The Reason To Develop Digital Rehab Solutions for Stroke Patients and Patients with Hemiplegia

The Reason Neofect Develop Digital Rehab Solutions for Stroke Patients and Patients with Hemiplegia


With a warm heart, Neofect develops a rehab training solution that stroke or hemiplegic patients can use anytime and anywhere. Here is how it started!

Rehab trainings that help stroke patients and patients with hemiplegia reclaim their daily lives they have lost. An ordinary life one hangs the wash out, waters the flowerpot, and goes to grocery. Taking a walk down the street while talking: the life we take for granted. Yet this routine is a series of challenges for those who have gone through a stroke or hemiplegia. Inconveniencies in their lives that have come under the name of disabilities. Stroke and hemiplegic patients strive to move and talk as they used to before, putting a great deal of time and work.

These patients all want to receive a consistent rehab training after stroke. Yet not so many of them complete the training due to the geographical reason, the long period of time, and the medical expenses piling up.

There are people who are spending days and nights to develop a rehab training for these stroke patients and patients with hemiplegia. They are Neofect, a healthcare startup specializing in digital rehabilitation solution.

stroke patient home care-Neofect Smart Glove

Neofect’s major rehab home care program for stroke and hemiplegic patients is a Neofect Smart Glove, which are equipped with sensors that react to its game application.
Stroke patients and patients with hemiplegia in need of rehab put on these gloves and move their hands while watching the gaming screen, so they can improve the mobility and cognition of their hands. By turning the rehab process into games, it keeps the patients motivated and encourages them to consistently follow the trainings, making it easier for rehabilitating at home with no restriction of space.

Furthermore, with active support from National Rehabilitation Center in Korea, Neofect has also increased the value of its VR-based rehabilitation routine by discovering the problems and needs at the actual sites where rehab sessions were going on. National Rehabilitation Center also verified that compared to the patient group that followed traditional rehabilitation methods only, the patient group that used Neofect Smart Glove along with traditional rehabilitation shown greater improvement in their mobilities.


- For the clinical trials, Fugl-Meyer Assessment and Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test were employed to assess mobility, sense of balance and joint function after stroke.

Neofect is a professional rehab solution company which started out with concerns for the patients and their families. As he saw the last moments of his father and his uncle when they were passing away due to stroke, Neofect’s CEO Ho-young Ban keenly felt the necessity of trainings that could reduce the financial burden for the patients while continuously improving the rehab’s effect.

Then he started the business with his co-founder who was studying rehabilitation engineering at that time. And after their constant investment in the R&D, they finally developed the rehab solution it has today.

Three goals of Neofect

  1. Make rehab trainings available anytime and anywhere for everyone.
  2. Foster development of rehabilitation equipment for various body parts.
  3. Expand the home-care rehab market in the global market.

Still unsatisfied, Neofect is also putting lots of effort to develop a solution that makes the rehabilitation of more body parts easier and to build up a solid foundation for overseas markets. This is NEOFECT’s genuine concern for the patients and their families.
We aim for the warm touches to reclaim the daily lives the patients have lost.

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-Phone: (888) 623-8984


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