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Neofect Smart Glove user Janet suffered a congenital stroke when she was an infant. Janet went through therapy as a youth, took some time off, returning to therapy as an adult to take control of her body once again. Janet turned to the Neofect Smart Glove after her therapist suggested the home stroke rehab device to her. Janet likes that the Smart Glove is a therapy device that doesn’t feel like therapy.

Q & A with Congenital Stroke Survivor Janet

Where did you engage in rehab and how long did it take?

I had a congenital stroke and had early intervention starting at 8 months old. I then moved to Occupational Therapy while I was in elementary school. I learned to button a shirt and tie my shoes there. I did not have therapy while I was in middle or high school though but I did return to therapy in my mid 20’s because I wanted to take control of my body.

I was experiencing pain on my left side (my non-affected side) because of consistent compensatory overuse. Once my childhood safety nets where gone and I began to work. I realized that I needed to advocate what I needed to maintain my health in the long term. I was working as a receptionist but working at a desk became difficult due to continued pain

Why did you decide to look for additional tools for at-home rehab? Were there other devices that you purchased or considered?

I was introduced to the Neofect products by my therapist at Providence Rehab so I did not have to look at other tools. Prior to this I was completing hand exercises for stroke patients assigned by my therapist.

Where did you go to find out about the different rehab solutions?

Through my OT at Providence Rehab in Portland OR. I am not part of any other online or community programs relating to my stroke rehab or health.

Why did you choose Smart Glove over the alternatives? What were the critical factors when you chose the product?

I was sold because the Smart Glove encouraged me to look at the screen instead of my hand while performing movements. When I look at my hands I often used visual feedback and mirroring with my left hand to help but I like that the Smart Glove forces me to use my other senses. Putting on the Smart Glove was an exercise in itself. I noticed muscles that I hadn’t ever felt in the past. When using the Smart Glove I notice that my left hand can relax which is often difficult for me.
How easy do you feel that it was to obtain the product? What, if anything, was confusing about the process?

Once I called the direct customer line the process was pretty smooth. I appreciated getting to speak with the OT to understand the nuances of the product and how to use it.


How long have you been using the Neofect Smart Glove? What functional changes have you noticed since you started using the Smart Glove?

I have noticed that when I am playing the functional games, I begin to picture myself completing real life activities like pouring my makeup remover or serving up a drink. The glove is affecting my whole arm and shoulder, not just my hand. Since using the glove I have become more aware of my whole body.

Are you aware of the opportunity for follow up with one of our clinicians? If you haven’t followed up, what would keep someone from participation in a follow up video visit?

I have contact with a therapist that knows the products so I haven’t felt the need to connect online for a follow up.

Are you using the Neofect Smart Rehab system as often as you would like?

I am using the system daily or every other day. I feel that there is a good balance between having fun and functional training.

What advice would you give to someone that’s thinking about coming on board with the Neofect Smart rehab system?

I have several tips for anyone considering a Neofect stroke rehab device. The first is to make use of the trial. Be dedicated to 20-30 minutes per day in order to get the full benefit out of the device. Make sure to play around with the difficulty gauges to challenge yourself when you are playing the games. And try to introduce your OT to the product, so that they can help you in person.

Has this device or approach to therapy influenced anyone else in your life? Have you used the Neofect Smart Glove with a therapist?

I have introduced my therapist to it, which I recommend because they can help you with your device and make sure you’re making good progress on your rehabilitation.

Call us at (888) 623-8984 or email us at to rehab smarter with Neofect today.


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