Stroke Rehab Device NEOFECT Smart Glove Aids in Stroke Recovery

The Neofect Smart Glove is a stroke rehab device to help stroke survivors regain functionality in their hands and arms. The Smart Glove challenges users through entertaining games and activities to increase hand and arm movement as well as functionality.

One of the Neofect Smart Glove’s goals to improve movement is through retraining the brain. The brains’ ability to rewire itself after stroke or brain injury is also known as neuroplasticity. At Neofect we know that repetition is the key to helping strengthen the brain. Consistent and repetitive training is an important feature of the Smart Glove stroke rehab device. The Neofect Smart Glove offers 5 ways to improve movement for users:

  • Multi-sensory feedback
  • Wide variety of engaging games and activities that get more challenging as the users’ mobility improves
  • Customizable goals
  • Session tracking and evaluation
  • On-going clinical support

The Smart Glove ensures that you do your exercises correctly and gives you instant feedback to evaluate your performance with only minimal movement needed for success.

For more information on the Neofect Smart Glove and other post stroke rehab devices, contact us today at (888) 623-8984.

How does the SMART GLOVE facilitate stroke recovery?

Lecturer: Has a stroke left you struggling to regain full functionality in your arm or hand? Introducing the Neofect Smart Glove, a biofeedback training device from Neofect USA.

Repetition is the key to increase mobility. Our Smart Glove encourages repetition in a fun, engaging way through interactive training games, challenging you to improve arm and hand function through neuroplasticity which is the brain's ability to retrain itself after an injury. Through repetition, you can strengthen other pathways in the brain to improve the use of your affected side.

The Neofect Smart Glove offers five key ways to help improve your movement.

  1. Multi-sensory feedback, which allows you to learn more quickly.
  2. Daily training programs including over 40 training activities, making repetitive training engaging.
  3. Customized goals based on your movement, increasing the challenge each session.
  4. Built-in evaluation session to track your progress.
  5. Ongoing clinical support by an in-house occupational therapist who can consult with you.

By the way, it's only necessary to have a small amount of active motion to use the Smart Glove. As long as your movement is visible to the eye, you are eligible for the Smart Glove.

Call us to start your smart rehab with the Neofect Smart Glove today.


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