Artificial Intelligence(AI) Healthcare and Customized Rehabilitation
Sep 3, 2018
Artificial Intelligence(AI) Healthcare and Customized Rehabilitation

Artificial Intelligence Healthcare for Stroke Rehabilitation


AI Healthcare is emerging as next-generation technology, bringing fundamental changes to one's lifestyle as well as to healthcare ecology through the change of healthcare paradigm, explosive data growth, and organic emergence of cutting edge technologies. Traditional healthcare was focused on curing a disease. However, healthcare today is moving on to advanced prevention, early diagnosis, and customized care services. The main reason for this shift is secondary to the needs of the customers’ for an innovative healthcare service that can lower their medical expenses, which has been aggravated because of the aging population.

As leading expert medical knowledge is exponentially-increasing, the medical data and the ability to connect the knowledge to the next-generation medical industry in increasing. AI is highly regarded as the most efficient form of technology for medical big-data analysis.


Big-data itself has become an educational infrastructure that develops AI systems, AI and Big-data formulated a virtuous circulation and triggered a new medical service, called “AI Healthcare.” Furthermore, the active AI-tech-based combination of diverse fields, such as medical technology and ICT(Internet Communication Technology) expands the applicative opportunity of conversion technology in the medical industry. This technological convergence is forecasted to be a source of the innovative medical service.
Recently, AI technology has been introduced in various healthcare related industries and has been applied to the medical picture analysis, study of diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and new development of medicine. We are expecting the healthcare industry to provide customized treatment to each patient with AI.


Neofect is a customized rehabilitation solution, designed to enable a patient to enjoy one’s rehabilitation at anytime and anywhere with the smart rehabilitation device. Based on AI and clinical grounds, Neofect consistently measures the patient’s condition and suggests proper training game content to the patient. Neofect motivates the patient by reflecting the user’s preference on the system.
The training data of the patient is saved in a cloud system, therefore the patient can train at home and at the hospital seamlessly. As the rehabilitation data is shared with the medical team, the patient can be effectively managed at all times. If you are interested in Neofect, please visit our website for a free consultation:

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