June Lee

Clinical Manager / Physical Therapist


June Lee is a physical therapist with experience focused on adults, within acute and specialized care settings. He is interested in technology-based home and community rehabilitation in an evolving healthcare environment in modern society. Lee is valued for strong interpersonal and interprofessional rapport-building and cultural competency, with a special interest in the integration of assistive and adaptive technology into client-centered care.

What do like most about being a therapist?

Setting long-term goals and performing them together for patients who have lost some of their body functions is a very important factor in improving patient quality of life. I am proud of participating that journey.

What settings have you practiced as a therapist?

  • Inpatient acute hospital setting
  • Intensive rehabilitation hospital setting

Why are you passionate about Neofect products?

As technology advances, therapist's role in rehabilitation is expanding from physical manipulation to evaluation / observation / counseling. The process of creating a data-driven therapeutic methodology through the NEOFECT product is interesting.


Korea University - Bachelor of Health (Physical Therapy)

Licenses and memberships

Licensed Physical Therapist  |   Republic of Korea: #55556

Korea Physical Therapy Association

Top Skills

  • Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Assistive Technology


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