The Road to Stroke Recovery with RAPAEL
Jul 16, 2018
The Road to Stroke Recovery with Neofect

Neofect Smart Rehabilitation Solutions provide rehabilitation and training through games for patients recovering from medical episodes like stroke. Now, do you want to know the real story of someone who’ve actually used Neofect solutions?

The Road to Stroke Recovery with Neofect

1. Carol S. from Richmond, Virginia

"I really believe in this product. I don't talk to people much but the games keep my mind working, It is great with the hand, but in a cognitive level, I have come a long way and can make full sentences now."

2. Jess Mcnair from San Francisco, CA

The smart glove has been an innovative, exciting and accessible way to continue therapy at home. There have been noticeable improvements in my right hand’s movement.

3. Melia W. from Issaquah, Washington

We spent over a year trying to find something to help with neuro pathing for arm therapy after a severe stroke. There was just nothing affordable out there. We came upon Neofect and it's been a lifesaver. With the innovative games and deep knowledge of how the brain reconnects and what is needed to keep therapy interesting, we feel like we've finally found a partner that will help get us to the next stage.

My husband has had little return to his left arm since his stroke. We've tried lots of things, but it's all very tedious and Kerry just wasn't interested. Using the neofect and actually being able to SEE the progress on their software as well as having Kerry completely engaged as he's playing games (not trying to put pegs on a board) has been amazing. He's had real increases in numbers and we look forward to many months of rehab using this innovative device.

We've worked with a lot of companies trying to find someway to help with my husband's neuro therapy for his left arm after a debilitating stroke. The therapies have been less than successful and most companies sell you a product and then want nothing to do with you. Neofect has developed a product that truly helps with rehabilitation but, more than that, they are a true partner in the process. They are constantly releasing new games, they check in on progress and are by our side helping us get to the next stage. We are so very grateful to have found this company and their amazing product.

I can not say enough about the Neofect from Neofect. This product is innovative in every definition of the word. The exoskeleton like glove detects even the most minute of movements and translates them into interesting and compelling games. The feeling of accomplishment when my husband "puts out the fire" or "squeezes an orange" can not be measured, well, actually, it can!! Not only does the glove sense movements, but the games keep track of how much movement there is and adjusts accordingly. It's just amazing to see the level of connection my husband has when playing the games and the sense of accomplishment when he "beats them". I truly think this technology and system will be life changing for stroke patients trying to recover function.

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