How Stroke Patients Can Hand Rehab By Playing Games At Home
Apr 4, 2018
How Stroke Patients Can Do Hand Rehabilitation Training by Playing Games at Home


How Stroke Patients can Do Hand Rehab at Home

After testing the Neofect Smart Glove solution in hospitals around the world and validating its effectiveness, Neofect has offered their device for post-stroke rehabilitation at home.

Stroke patients often experience long term disability, which is more due to neuro damage than to muscle weakness. By combining hardware to aid the body movements and software to design appropriate brain therapy program, physicians can greatly improve the rehab process.

Neofect Smart Glove is a biofeedback system which includes a glove-like device with built-in sensors to measure hand, wrist and finger movements, and a software program to create training games. There are more than 40 games currently available.


The software has an artificial intelligence component that automatically adjusts the range of motion and difficulty level. This ensures the patient continues to stay challenged during the game, at the same time, creating a positive, encouraging environment. The system monitors the performance data over time and generates progress reports.

Neofect has been successfully used by a number of hospitals. After getting positive feedback from medical professionals, the device is now available to individuals. Stroke victims can buy or rent and work on regaining their hand mobility at their own pace without leaving their homes.

The first participants of the program have been excessively satisfied with the results:

"I really believe in this product. The games keep my mind working, It is great with the hand, but in a cognitive level, I have come a long way and can make full sentences now." (Carol S., Va.)

"Most companies sell you a product and then want nothing to do with you. Neofect has developed a product that truly helps with rehabilitation, but more than that, they are a true partner in the process. They are constantly releasing new games, they check in on progress and are by our side helping us get to the next stage. We are so very grateful to have found this company and their amazing product." (Melia W., Wash.)

Neofect have introduced a special, more powerful stroke home exercise programs of the Neofect solution since 2017.

In the U.S., every 40 seconds someone is having a stroke. It is the leading cause of disability, costing the national economy $34 billion and a victim’s family – an average $17,081 annually.

The majority of patients has never completes their rehabilitation therapy for one or a combination of three reasons:

  1. Difficulty to visit a doctor’s office on a regular basis.
  2. The lack of noticeable improvement
  3. High cost

The Neofect solution is designed to solve each of these problems by making the rehab program engaging, affordable and available for patients at the convenience of their home.


To learn more about Neofect or get a 7-day free trial, visit the company’s website or call to our office at (888) 623-8984.

*Neofect Home Inquiry:
-Phone: (888) 623-8984


  • June Lee
    Clinical Manager / Physical Therapist

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