Smart Rehabilitation Training Games for hemiplegia at home
Jul 4, 2018
Smart Rehabilitation Training Games for Stroke at home

Neofect’s Neofect Smart Rehabilitation Solutions provide rehabilitation and training through games for patients recovering from stroke. Are you curious about the games? Let's take a closer look at three games available with the Neofect Smart Glove.

Smart Rehabilitation Training Games

<1> Jewel Pong

Jewel Pong is a game that aims to eliminate all the jewels by hitting the approaching balls.

Training Methods

  1. Move the platform by using Wrist Flexion / Extension movements. Rally the ball back towards the jewels by controlling the position of the platform.

  2. Once the ball is blocked with the platform, it's sent towards the jewels, eliminating them when it hits them.

  3. Red beads appear when the sparkling jewels are eliminated. Extra balls are rewarded by hitting the beads with the platform.

  4. As you advance to higher levels, the platform moves farther and farther away from the center of the screen.

Training Results

  • Score
  • Play Time
  • Success Rate
  • Wrist Flexion/Extension (Eliminated Gravity) ROM

<2> Rockin’ Beats

Rockin’ Beats tests your memory skills by giving you a rhythm pattern you have to repeat.

Training Methods

  1. Use forearm pronation and supination to move the drumsticks. If one side needs to be repeated, return to the starting position before hitting again.

  2. Remember the order of the instruments shown in the given time. Time varies based on the number of instruments shown.

  3. Play the instruments in the order demonstrated. If the order is wrong, it will be incorrect. Complete the given task even if you miss one during the performance. The same rhythm pattern will be re-shown for a second attempt. The number of rhythm patterns varies based on the tasks completed correctly or incorrectly. (The score is calculated based on the number of the instruments hit correctly)

Training Results

  • Score
  • Play Time
  • Success Rate
  • Wrist Flexion/Extension (Gravity Eliminated) ROM

<3> Catch Baby Bird

In this game, you're the mama cat. It's up to you to catch your baby bird who is trying to escape the cat in the tree. This game works on your wrist flexion and extension.

Training Methods

  1. Using wrist flexion and extension (Gravity Eliminated), you can move mother bird to the left or right.
  • PROM Comparison
    -Level 1: Moves every time the patient moves 1/6th of the amount
    -Level 2: Moves every time the patient moves 1/8th of the amount
    -Level 3: Moves every time the patient moves 1/10th of the amount
  1. The location of mother bird will be moved depending on the angle.

  2. Safely catch baby bird by moving mother bird.

Training Results

  • Score
  • Play Time
  • Wrist Flexion/Extension (Gravity Eliminated) ROM

Don’t you think rehab is more fun with a game? But these games are not just about fun. Each game is scientifically designed to invigorate muscles and stimulate visual and auditory senses to reinforce neuroplasticity and accelerate recovery after stroke.

AI built into the Neofect solutions suggests rehabilitation games based on patients’ preferences and progress, delivering customized, optimal therapy for patients.

Call us at (888) 623-8984 or email us at to rehab smarter with Neofect today.


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