Smart Board: Introducing Your Virtual Reach Retraining Tool
Jul 6, 2018
Neofect Smart Board: Introducing Your Virtual Reach Retraining Tool

Virtual Reach Retraining Tool after Stroke


Research shows that utilizing virtual reality gaming as a therapy tool has the potential to increase a patient's engagement and motivation in therapy allowing them to relearn through repetition, reinforcement and immediate feedback. (1)

The Neofect Smart Board puts the affected upper extremity into a gravity eliminated position and focuses on repetitive functional movements in order to increase overall range of motion, coordination and timing through reach retraining activities in a virtual reality world.


The Neofect Smart Board essentially turns the patient's upper extremity into an avatar allowing the patient to participate in therapeutic gaming activities while providing biofeedback. The Smart Board provides therapeutic gaming activities that simulates activities of daily living as well as some fun innovative activities. The Smart Board is a data driven program that though artificial intelligence tracts patients’ progress providing a just-right challenge. Clinicians and patients do have the ability to manually change the parameters if desired.

Neofect Smart Board is intended for patients with upper extremity dysfunction that are limiting range of motion and function on a daily basis. Ideal candidates demonstrate more activation at the top of the arm (shoulder and elbow movement) with little to no activation at the bottom (forearm and hand. The forearm-supporting handles allow these users to maximize repetitions of movement within their active muscles while relieving the weight of the entire arm.

Neofect Smart Board acts as a digital goniometer and measures the patient's range of motion during all activities allowing the clinician to gather objective results for total available reach as well as for timing and coordination. Having these objective measures allows for the clinician to obtain more quantified data to justify improvements allowing for continued services. Quantified data can also be used in order to motivate the patient to keep working towards their goal.

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    (1) Hatem SM, Saussez G, della Faille M, et al. Rehabilitation of Motor Function after Stroke: A Multiple Systematic Review Focused on Techniques to Stimulate Upper Extremity Recovery. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 2016;10:442. doi:10.3389/fnhum.2016.00442.

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