Stroke Rehab: What Does Technology Have to Do With It?
Oct 22, 2018
Stroke Rehab: What Does Technology Have to Do With It?

According to the National Stroke Association, 795,000 American adults each year suffer from a stroke during their life. Of this 795,000, 65% of them require some sort of therapy after a stroke. Many people suffer from hemiparesis or muscles weakness after a stroke. In order to regain range of motion and strength in the affected limb, it is important that one starts doing therapy soon after the stroke. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to rewire itself by finding alternative pathways for the area of the brain that was damaged secondary to a stroke. In order for the brain to rewire itself, it is important to perform repetitive movements.

Neuroplasticity - artificial human brain skull

How to Motivate Stroke Rehab Therapy

Although therapy is very important, it can be repetitive and boring at times. However, recent technology has changed that! Neofect Rehab Solutions has found a way to make therapy fun and motivating. The Neofect Smart Glove and Smart Board provide virtual reality gamified activities that allows for hundreds of repetitions of movements in the upper extremities in order to help the brain rewire itself to increase range of motion and strength.

One of our current users states, “After using the Smart glove for 2 months, I have already noticed functional gains when I am performing everyday tasks such as washing the dishes.”

Neofect Smart Board - Rehab solution for movements in upper extremities

AI Stroke Rehab Solution

Neofect Smart Glove and Smart Board use artificial intelligence (AI), which allows the computer to generate an algorithm based on the clients needs and abilities. The Neofect Smart Glove and Smart Board can be used in a therapy clinic with a therapist or from a client’s home. The Smart Glove and Smart Board both have sensors that are able to measure the clients movements in order to track progress.

Neofect Smart Glove - Occupational Therapist - Stroke Rehab - Hand stroke

Technology does not only make therapy more motivating and fun, it also allows for therapist and clients to accurately track progress. To find out more about the Neofect Smart Glove and Smart Board, please call us at 888-623-8947 or email us at

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  • Becky Alter, OTR/L
    Becky is an occupational therapist and healthcare content writer based out of Denver, CO. Becky has worked across states and practice settings, most recently as a Clinical Manager for Neofect USA.

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