Children's Hand Rehabilitation by Playing Games-RAPAEL Smart Kids
Apr 20, 2018
Children’s Hand Rehabilitation by Playing Games ‘Neofect Smart Kids’

Children's Hand Rehabilitation with Neofect Smart Kids

The Neofect Smart Kids combines wearable biofeedback devices and software, which are designed to improve the recovery process for patients with central nervous system disorders.

Neofect Smart Kids brings gamification into rehab exercise for children’s intensive, repetitive, and task-oriented rehab, while the software analyzes the data and provides training tasks based on the patient’s activity level.

This product is created specifically for children between the ages of 4 and 15. It provides game content to stimulate both the visual and auditory senses, thus causing brain plasticity and muscle retention in kids with cerebral palsy, acute flaccid myelitis, muscular dystrophy, neonatal stroke, pediatric stroke, hemiplegia, physical disabilities, or developmental disorders. Despite the importance of playing and learning activities for children, children with developmental difficulties have limitations on these experiences.


Additionally, Neofect Smart Kids helps children to focus everyday activities with more fun by playing rehab games and it takes into consideration clinical effectiveness with engaging kids by offering a variety of motion-task training related to daily life. Also, the device offers movement assessment and analysis tools.

As you look at different options for your stroke recovery, call us to discuss your individual rehabilitation goals: (888) 623-8984.

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  • June Lee
    Clinical Manager / Physical Therapist

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