Global Trend of AI Healthcare 2: Japan and S. Korea
Oct 19, 2018
Global Trend of Artificial Intelligence Healthcare 2: Japan and S. Korea

Following the previous content, the Artificial Intelligence(AI) healthcare trend in Japan and South Korea will be discussed here.

1. Japan
Japan is committed to providing personalized healthcare service by strategizing in genomic analysis and AI-applied robots. In 2015, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development promoted “The Realization of Genome Medicine” to provide patients with an optimally personalized healthcare service by utilizing genetic information. Moreover, Japan is promoting the application of AI in various healthcare fields such as health diagnosis service utilizing IoT and caregiver service through application of robots and sensors, as a part of its “Japan Revitalization Strategy” announced in 2015.

AI Healthcare

2. South Korea
In 2016, South Korea announced its roadmap for technological development in precision medicine and future healthcare, setting directions for policies in improving precision medicine and AI healthcare. South Korea is concentrating on its investments in predicting diseases and providing personalized healthcare service particularly through establishing and applying big data regarding health insurance and medical information structured broadly throughout the country. Moreover, South Korea established a fundamental direction for the growth of AI healthcare industry by choosing AI-applied precision medicine in healthcare sectors as one of its national strategic projects.

AI Home rehab solution

Rehabilitation experts from the U.S., Germany, and South Korea are working on providing personalized home rehabilitation solutions for stroke patients― Neofect Home. Neofect collects and analyzes users’ information using AI to suggest proper level of rehabilitation game programs.

personalized home rehabilitation solutions

This smart solution also shares training results with patients and therapists via its own clouds system. The users can utilize the reports as rehabilitation motivation indicators. Forbes says Neofect Smart Glove speeds rehabilitation of stroke patients by adding gamification elements to keep patients engaged and maintain interest in the repetitive rehabilitation exercises.

Learn more and get a free consultation from Neofect Home.

Neofect Smart Glove

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