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Yes! There is Hope for Chronic Stroke!
Chronic Stroke
Yes! There is Hope for Chronic Stroke
A stroke is usually considered chronic at the six-month mark. This article reviews research on chronic stroke recovery and promising therapy treatment approaches that target improving limb function, even for an "old" stroke.
How to Support Yourself as a Caregiver
Caregiver Tips
Caregiver Support: Support for the Caregiver
You can’t fully care for someone else if you don’t first put enough energy into caring for yourself. Learn our tips for caregivers to stay at their best while serving in an important and challenging role.
Muscle Function Changes After Stroke
Spasticity after stroke
Stroke Lingo Part 3: Muscle Function Changes After Stroke
Part three of the Stroke Lingo blog series reviews clinical words commonly used to describe post-stroke muscle changes including muscle tone, spasticity, and contracture.
Stroke Lingo: Part 1
Stroke Management
Stroke Lingo Part 1: Speech Changes After Stroke
Does it ever feel like you are learning to speak a new language when you are trying to talk about having a stroke?
Improving Balance After Stroke - Part 2
Stroke Recovery
Improve Balance After Stroke: Part 2
Last week we talked a bit about how balance can be seriously affected after a stroke, and we began to talk about things you can do to improve your balance and overall safety.
The Importance of Setting Up a Post Stroke Routine
stroke recovery and rehabilitation
Creating a Post Stroke Recovery Routine at Home
Having a daily routine helps us create habits to meet our goals. After a stroke, organizing your day in a way that works for you will help you stay focused on your stroke rehab and recovery.