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Hemorrhagic Stroke
What are the different Types of Stroke?
Stroke Recovery
What are the Different Types of Stroke?
A stroke is an interruption in blood supply to the brain that causes brain cell death. Some strokes result in permanent disability, whereas others are so mild that they go unnoticed.
What is a Brain Aneurysm?
brain aneurysm
What is a Brain Aneurysm?
A brain aneurysm is when one has a bulge in a blood vessel located in the brain. A brain aneurysm can burst or leak and when that happens it can cause a hemorrhagic stroke.
What causes stroke?
What causes a stroke?
Stroke is a disease caused by the abrupt stoppage of blood flow to the brain. When the blood vessel providing oxygen and nutrients is disrupted, your brain is cut-off from the supply of those critical
Can Stress Cause A Stroke? The Answer May Shock You!
Stroke and Stress
Can Stress Cause A Stroke? The Answer May Shock You!
The resulting stress can lead to some serious problems — one of them being an increased risk of suffering a stroke!