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Cognitive Rehabilitation
All about Brain: Structure, Common Diseases, and Injury Prevention
All About the Brain: Brain Structure, Common Diagnoses, and Maintaining Brain Health
Read on to learn more about brain anatomy, diagnoses that affect the brain, and how to prevent cognitive decline.
Neofect ComCog: Cognitive Training Tool
Cognitive Rehabilitation
Neofect Cognition: An Attention and Memory Training Tool
Cognition software has existed for a number of years in Asia but has only recently come to the US under the US rehabilitation technology brand, Neofect, the makers of the Smart Glove and other Smart Rehabilitation products.
Neofect Smart Pegboard, Fine Motor skill and Cognitive Rehabilitation for Stroke
Fine Motor Skill
Neofect Smart Pegboard, Fine Motor Skill and Cognitive Rehabilitation for Stroke
CES Innovation Award Honoree second year in a row, NEOFECT has developed Pegboard for imporiving Fine Motor skill and Cognitive Rehabilitation for stroke.
Cognitive Rehabilitation & Digtial Stroke Therapy | RAPAEL ComCog
Cognitive Rehabilitation
Cognitive Rehabilitation & Digital Stroke Therapy | Neofect's Cognition
Meet this amazing digital cognitive rehabilitation therapy today. RAPAEL ComCog is a cognitive rehabilitation program that helps people with stroke, dementia, traumatic brain injury, brain tumors and cerebral palsy so that they can benefit from brain activation and dementia prevention.