Neofect Smart
Rehab Solution

Customized Digital Rehabilitation
Anytime Anywhere

Digital Rehabilitation – Anytime, Anywhere

The Neofect Smart Rehabilitation Solutions was developed for patients with neurological and musculoskeletal injuries. Neofect uses portable, lightweight equipment for continued home training. Patients can also enjoy our rehab programs based on ‘gamified’ training contents. We provide a clinically proven rehab program customized to each patient for a faster recovery.

Digital Rehab Device


Neofect devices are lightweight.


Carry your tablet and Smart Glove anywhere – now you can perform training exercises wherever you are.


Neofect products are priced with affordability in mind – we want all patients to be able to perform training exercises without the stress of cost.

Gamification: Rehabilitation through Engagement

Neofect Smart Rehabilitation Solutions were designed to allow therapy training through games. Our contents have been carefully designed with the help of expert therapists to give patients the full therapy experience. Each game invigorates the muscles, and stimulates visual and auditory senses, all of which reinforce cognitive functions and accelerate neuroplasticity.

Customized Programs using Artificial Intelligence

Neofect Smart Rehabilitation Solutions, developed utilizing clinical evidence, provide optimal therapies for each individual patient – based on our proprietary algorithms and clinical data. It also reflects the patient’s personal motivation to maximize their rehabilitation training.