Neofect Smart Board
for an upper limb
rehabilitation training

Neofect Smart Board is a medical device
that is accessible to any patient experiencing
limitation to functional movements due to
damage in their shoulder or elbow joints to
improve the functional arm reaching ability.

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Exercise Games

There are two purposes of the games available with NEOFECT
Smart Board: enhancing the active joint movement range
and control ability.
With Neofect Smart Board, patients can carry out interesting
and sustainable rehabilitation through various training
games. There are various training contents designed for the
improvement of active joint movement range and control
ability. Also, Neofect Smart Board automatically adjusts the
game difficulty in accordance with the user’s current status,
which allows personalized training.

Evaluation and Results

When performing rehabilitation, an objective evaluation is as important as the training itself. Neofect Smart Board offers a data-based evaluation program, based on brain science, rehabilitation science, and clinical research. With the periodic use of Smart Board’s evaluation program, the user can get the information on recovery, through an accurate evaluation of the current status of the patient.
There are three objectives for the evaluation and results : free exploration, point-to-point reaching, and shape drawing.

Evaluation and Results of Three Objectives

Free Exploration

Point to Point Reaching

Shape Drawing


Individual Evaluation Results Table

When the evaluation is complete, the result screen shows the tracking data and quantitative evaluation indices in terms of each of the three tasks. Each evaluation shows the standard score of 100-point scale, and the standard score is calculated from each subsection score.
The free exploration result shows the area proportion, reached distance, and time taken scores; the point-to-point reaching result shows the reaching error, reaching time, and smoothness scores; and the shape drawing result shows the trace similarity, circular completeness, and time taken scores. Each evaluation result can be used to establish a training plan by analyzing the lacking factors of the patient’s exercise.
Through the periodic and regular evaluation, the medical staff and the patient can check the progress and improvement of the motor abilities followed by the training visualized in graphs.