Neofect Smart Kids for children

Neofect Smart Kids is a rehabilitation training tool utilizing cutting
edge sensors for children with developmental disabilities
related to central nervous system disorders and
muscular nervous system complications.

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Sensor Technology
that Captures Patient’s Movement
and Quantifies data

The 9-axis movement & position sensor consists of 3 acceleration channels,
3 angular rate channels and 3 magnetic field channels that measures wrist movements.
The sensor communicates with a computer system
that accurately computes the amount of individual movements.

Ergonomic Design for Patient’s Experience

Neofect Smart Kids is lightweight and can be worn effortlessly. It allows various joint movements with ease. The elastomer material is easy to clean and maintain.

Ergonomic Design for Patient’s Experience

Regularly Rehab-Exercise Game Update

Neofect Smart Kids offers a variety of motion-task training related to play activities,
learning exercises, and activities of daily life.
These activities take into consideration clinical effectiveness as well as fun elements for kids.
Rehabilitation exercises are designed for physical therapy and cognition therapy.

Training movement

Forearm Supination / Pronation

Wrist Flexion / Extension

Wrist Radial / Ulnar Deviation

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