One Team, One Family


  • Hoyoung Ban

    NEOFECT Co-founder
    Start-up founding member
    in LA
    Samsung Electronics
    U of Virginia MBA

    Hoyoung Ban CEO

  • Donghoon Lee

    Doosan Corporation
    Daishin Security
    LG Display
    Georgetown University MBA, Seoul National University BA/MS

    Donghoon Lee CFO

  • Neo Kim

    British Telecom
    SW Development 10+ years
    Computer Science,
    Yonsei Univ.
    Influencer, Multiplier
    and Problem solver

    Neo Kim CIO / SW Development Executive

  • Kyunghwan Yoo

    Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Engineering, Dankook Univ.
    Robot Vaccum Cleanner, Senior Engineer,
    Samsung Electronics
    M.S. in Computer Science,
    University of Southern California
    Mathematics, Korea Univ.

    Kyunghwan Yoo HW Engineer

  • Hyoseok Yi

    Founder, Media Startup
    Research Associate, SEAS, Harvard University
    Senior Researcher, LTE Standard Team, ETRI
    BS / MS / Ph.D. in Physics, KAIST

    Hyoseok Yi Chief Algorithms Officer

  • Sungzoon No

    Mechanical Engineer

    Sungzoon No Mechanical Engineer

  • Eunjung Kim

    Physical Therapist
    MS in Physical Therapy, Hallym University

    Eunjung Kim Physical Therapist

  • Hyungyu Kim

    Quality Control Engineer

    Hyungyu Kim Quality Manager

  • Byeonggeol Park

    Product Designer

    Byeonggeol Park Product Designer

  • Hyunsoo Kim

    M.S. in Yonsei Univ.

    Hyunsoo Kim Research Engineer

  • Hoyeong Song

    University of California, Los Angeles / Applied Mathematics
    Republic of Korea Army / Field Artillary battalion / Sergeant an honorable discharge
    Fluently speaking Ulsan slang & local accent

    Hoyeong Song Research Engineer

  • Seungyong Lee

    Medical Device Sales +15 years

    Seungyong Lee Sales Manager

  • Gunmin Jang

    UI Designer

    Gunmin Jang UI Designer

  • Jiwoong Choi

    15+ years in Software Development

    Jiwoong Choi SW Engineer

  • Donggyu Lee

    Seoul National University of Science and Technology / Product Design & Manufacturing Engineering
    Production Manager

    Donggyu Lee Production Manager

  • Anna Choi

    10+ years of Marketing and Communication
    MBA in Korea Univ.

    Anna Choi PR Manager