Neofect Connect

Neofect Connect

Reclaim your health and happiness by empowering yourself.

Companion app for stroke recovery

Here to improve quality of life after stroke through tailored training exercises and activities. Already a Smart Glove or Smart Board user? If so, you'll be able to use the Connect App free for 3 months!

A holistic wellness program designed by experts in stroke rehabilitation

Neofect Connect is a comprehensive wellness and stroke recovery program, incorporating a decade of Neofect's rehabilitation expertise and extensive research on health and wellness. It's designed to maximize your stroke recovery and improve overall quality of life by encouraging healthy mind and body practices.

Promotes healthy lifestyle changes that are sustainable

We provide you with evidence-based education on healthy habits and strategies to build them into your routine. We focus not only on the body, but the mind. Our goal is to empower and support you to make the healthy changes that are right for you. With the support of Neofect Connect, a holistic approach to health is easy.

Education, motivation, and support

Daily readings and educational material from experts related to stroke rehab, behavioral health, lifestyle, and more.

  • Mission

    Personalized daily missions and engaging content

    Neofect Connect is customized to your unique needs. It's a long-term solution that aims to transform all aspects of your life and lay the groundwork for success. Explore our program filled with engaging and life changing materials. Find your health and happiness with Neofect Connect now.

  • Exercise

    Daily video tutorials and exercises demonstrated by professionals

  • Motivation

    Inspiring articles and stories to create lasting behavioral changes

  • Data analysis

    Track and analyze your daily progress

Make a fresh start today!

This is your chance to change your future. If you're hesitating to take the leap, you can try two weeks of Neofect Connect for free! It's a risk free trial that you can cancel anytime within the first 14 days. We're confident you'll find us to be a good recovery partner from day one!