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This document was formed by NEOFECT (hereafter, “corporation”) with the purpose of providing IPO information through presentations to institutional investors.
The “forecasts” in this document have not been verified separately. They are predictions of the future and not the past;
thus represent predicted business and finance status of the corporation in the future, thus includes words such as “expect”, “outlook”, “plan”, “anticipate” and “(E)”.
The aforementioned “forecasts” are affected by changes in the business circumstances and innately includes uncertainty.
Due to this uncertainty, actual future performance may vary greatly with the listed “forecasts”.
Additionally, future outlooks are formed based on the day of the presentation and current market status and management direction of the corporation. Please be aware that future changes of the market and strategies may change the future outlooks without separate notice.
The corporation and its executives will not be responsible for any losses or other incidents induced by using this document.
This document does not include stocks subscription, sales, trade and subscription suggestions. No where in the document is there a foundation or reason for decisions on contract agreements or investments.
All investment decisions on stocks subscription should be made based solely on the securities report or investment prospectus submitted to the Financial Supervisory Service on 00/00/2018.
This document maybe used with a non-profit purpose without alteration (source indication is required). Please be aware that illegal distribution and reproduction of altered materials without prior approval by the corporation will be subject to legal sanctions.