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  • Fun and Engaging Rehabilitation Programs

    The element of gameplay within our products has both physical and psychological benefits for users. Clients report improved motivation and compliance when using Neofect solutions as opposed to traditional home exercise programs.

  • User-friendly Interfaces

    Neofect Rehabilitation Solutions bring therapists' focus back to the individual needs of their patients and away from rote rep-counting. Movement-quantifying software streamlines practitioner duties, making therapy more positively productive.

  • Digital Rehab Device

    Low profile
    Small sensors and lightweight materials ensure our products won't weigh you down.
    Complete rehab anywhere, anytime. We aim for maximal usability with minimal physical limitations.
    We want to break down barriers in access to comprehensive rehabiltation training.

'For Clinic' Rehab Process

  • Evaluation

  • Training Session Creation
  • Gamified Training
  • Results Tracking and Reporting
Our Clinic products measure range of motion (ROM) from the shoulder to the fingers, using evaluation data to create a unique training plan for each patient.

Digital Rehabilitation Solutions

  • Feedback

    Interactive home rehabilitation program to keep you engaged throughout your rehabilitation journey.

  • Contents

    Our adaptive algorithm allows for quick and easy creation of customized training programs.

  • Update

    Treatment programs and games are constantly updated, allowing for prolonged engagement and continued skill development.

Why choose Neofect?

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    Scientific Papers

Proven outcomes through clinical trials by Stanford Medical Center
Neofect Glove: Virtual Reality Device for Home Therapy in Stroke Survivors, Neurology (2018) P5.007

“All patients agreed that they liked the glove and most of them were strongly satisfied with their overall experience. ...patients can use the Neofect device for home therapy with high satisfaction and, in most cases, satisfactory compliance.”

Customers Say:

Hear what customers say about Neofect's rehabilitation services!

  • Prior to the Smart Board, I had almost forgotten my affected arm. But now, I find myself using my affected arm almost automatically. Before I was pretty discouraged, but now I actually feel that one day my arm might work again.

    Kay K.

  • My daughter loves the Smart Pegboard and uses it every day. I've definitely seen progress in her abilities. She loves using it and I can't imagine not having it as a tool for her continued rehab.

    Michelle R.

  • I'm very excited because the Smart Glove is making a difference. Each day, I see the little things he could do that he couldn't do before.

    Laurel J.

Neofect Product Lineup

Neofect offers a variety of rehabilitation solutions

  • Smart Glove

    Repetitive movement training in a virtual envrionment

  • Smart Kids

    Comfortable and fun rehab for children

  • Smart Board

    Developing upper extremity control through proximal muscle strengthening

  • Smart Pegboard

    Interactive device challenging dexterity, vision, and cognition

  • Neomano

    Powered grasp assist

  • Cognition

    Computerized Cognitive Rehabilitation Program

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