May 18, 2020
Stroke Survivor Stories: Abdul I. Darpi

Survivor Abdul Darpi relies upon on his Muslim faith for perspective and motivation in his recovery. Read on to learn about his journey and his advice for other stroke survivors.


In Abdul's Words

My name is Abdul Iftar Darpi. I suffered a stroke in 2015. Afterwards, I went to several therapies. Every day I feel strongly that I want to live normally again. That makes me have a spirit. I hope my story will inspire people like me who have had a stroke to live in spirit.

How have you adjusted since having a stroke?
First I was wondering why it happened to me, but then I realized it could happen to anybody.

How has your life changed since having a stroke?
I now have to be in a wheelchair for long walks. I depend more on my friends and family. They feel pity, but they always encourage me too.

How do you cope with challenges after stroke?
As I am a Muslim, I pray to God 5 times a day. I say Insha Allah (God-willing) I will get better.

What kind of exercise do you do now?
Walking and therapy. I have done physical movement therapy and electrical stimulation therapy. The electrical therapy is the wonder one. It forces my body to make movements through electrical currents.

What is your advice for stroke survivors?
Be strong and believe in God. Only God will allow you to live better.

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Alison Scarpa
Clinical Manager / Occupational Therapist

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